Why I didn't need to Know Dumbledore was Gay..

Finally, a post that doesn't have to do with The great Doctor. Oh happy days!

Today, a random question sparked within my thoughts as my coworker and I bantered about Harry Potter. She was telling me about a local Harry Potter themed burlesque show when the association occurred to me:

"Why is everyone on the internet saying Dumbledore is gay?" I asked, curiously. "I never got a hint of that in any of the books."

"Well, because JK revealed it in an interview," she explained.

And that was it. Mystery solved - but I wasn't thrilled with the answer.

Learning his sexual orientation didn't sit well with me. - Not because I care what orientation he is, but because I don't care.

Never before hearing these hearsays on the internet did I even bother to think of Dubledore's gender preference. All this time, he was just a wise old man to me. He was a character - a person - that I didn't need to know about in personal life terms because the storyline didn't touch on it.

It was a completely garring, unneeded detail about a character that didn't do a thing to progress the plot.

Certainly a canon detail - coming from the author herself - but canon that came out of nowhere without plot development to build it up.

I can't take such things! - what is this Moffat behavior?!

- Whoops, my Who is showing again...

What I'm getting at - is that I was perfectly fine (and pretty damn happy) with my perception of Dubledore remaining sexually unannounced.

He was a character that didn't need sexual defining because his plot purpose wasn't driven by such things. We knew him as a teacher, a mentor, and a father figure - in the time span he was portrayed - I needed nothing more.


The Brilliant Duo Will be Back!!!

This isn't an April fools joke: Two days ago Billie Piper and David Tennant have been confirmed to make an appearance in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!!!




      With Season 7 back up and rolling, the lead up to the 50th is rearing with anticipation. Fans are more excited than ever, and the mystery of Clara isn't helping anyone stay calm. We are absolutely thrilled to be getting such treats handed to us. It's like Christmas!

      Back to Billie and David. What fandom luck! I know it isn't everyone in the Whovian community, but quite a lot of us are brimming with excitement. So much so, that I was a bit obnoxious about it for 30 minutes after I heard the news. 

      What am I most thrilled about? I can't wait to see that golden on-screen chemistry that David and Billie undeniably have. And better yet - it's as the characters I grew to love the duo as. 

       Will we see just how 10.2 and Rose are doing? Will we run into an untold story of a  past version of the Doctor and his companion? Will 11 get a glimpse of Rose Tyler - Defender of Earth? We shall see! 

       All I can do now is wait... By the way, please excuse all the Doctor Who based posts I've been posting consecutively. I shall try to become more freidnly with other topics!

       In the mean time, enjoy my favorite April Fools jokes today. 



Time Lord Pickup Lines for Valentine's Day

Wondering what lines to drop for your potential time lady? I've come up with a few Time Lord pickup Lines for this valentine's day that will be sure to sweep her off her feet and into your blue box. 

1. Girl, are you a Weeping Angel? - Cause I can't stop starring at you.

2. Did you fall through the Rift? Cause you're out of this world.

3. Not a good time? - I'll be right back. 

4. Is that the sound of drums, or are you just happy to see me? 

5. Hey! I just met you - and this is crazy, but here's my TARDIS - time travel maybe? 

6. I bet I'd look cool on you.

Watch the video and subscribe!

Dear Writers of DW Christmas Special....

THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OSWIN AS OSWIN!!! Now - if you're a bit confused/haven't seen the Chistmas special - turn back now! These are not for your eyes until you sit your butt on that couch and DVR to your hearts desire. Cause you'd have wanted to record this episode to play back those epic instances of realization. 

      Okay, so if you've been a fan of Doctor Who for a while, I think you ought to be familiar with the show's tendencies to reuse actors as different characters. This is usually pretty discrete considering you hardly notice. For example: Karren Gillian played one of the oracles in The Fires of Pompeii. I know right!? What the cheesecake?

        So you can understand my worries when I found out that the Christmas special's new arrival wasn't going by the name Oswin.

       I cringed - I begged - I prayed to the Moffat God for him not to reuse such an astonishing, memorable actress and not be the same character. I mean, how in the world could you ever forget the Girl Who Was Human?

      Guess what? When I sat down and watched the Christmas Special, I was rewarded with a slam of excitement and suspense. Who is Clara!? What allows her to be such an anomaly? Am I gonna be like a kid in a candy store all seventh season?

     I gotta give it to ya, Moffat. I was not a fan of seasons five and six, but this one has really got a kicking start. Whatever you're doing, keep on keeping on!

BTW: My personal Christmas? FAN-TAS-TIC! Thanks to a very thoughtful mamma:

Rose Tyler Halloween Costume!

       Rose Tyler is my favorite companion of the 2005 Doctor Who Series. This week I came upon a scarf in my closet that looked strickenly similar to Rose's scarf in Boom Town. And thus began the magic that was born of creating a Rose Tyler cosplay outfit. 

      Although the party I went to as Rose did not appreciate the glory that is the Doctor Who franchise (It was obvious nobody recognized me) - I had the immense self satisfaction as playing my all time favorite character.  

     -  But a girl still needs her affirmation. So what is a fellow nerd to do? Post a cosplay video up on youtube for the internet! I give to you the shortest skit I've ever done due to the difficulty of filming myself. 

Finally Accepting 11 into my Heart (Doctor Who)

   So you know how I was whining about Matt Smith and Moffat's new Doctor Who in earlier posts? Well, something has switched, making the 7th Season of Doctor Who a phenomenal one. Let's elaborate. 

     Aside from "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" - which I begrudgingly have still yet to see, the episodes of season seven have not left me unsatisfied. We're only
halfway through the season and I'm completely blown away by the artistry in this one. It's so well done, that I have even accepted the River and Doctor romance by the time she made her reappearance. 

     Let's start with the utterly compelling season premiere - Asylum of the Daleks. We're thrown with a layer of domestic issues from Amy and Rory that mends itself in a beautifully realistic one on one - introduced to a future companion that we can only speculate will be saved with a heartfelt rescue - and given the gift of suspense and mystery throughout the episode that guides you perfectly into a twist of a climatic moment. The episode brought magic back into the Doctor Who franchise that seemed to be lacking in the last two seasons. It was a "once a watch" experience that I was thrilled to have journeyed upon.

    It was to my glee that the momentum kept it's pace with the episode "A Town Called Mercy". A new alien race is introduced with a hint of parallelism to the Doctor's own past when a Kahler doctor is being called out for war crimes. As a plot enthusiast, I entirely appreciate when a story takes for consideration the elaborate layers it takes to make a realistic character with a past and well thought out personality. I feel like I'm starting to finally connect with Matt's Doctor. 

    What is this, Christmas? I feel like I'm unwrapping a perfectly picked present every time I see a new episode. Whatever Moffat and Matt are doing differently, I'm adoring it. Well done. 

    I have to say that I wasn't too crazy about The Power of Three. As many of you have already discussed, the episode was presented with too quick a resolution that it didn't have much impact. This being said, I also didn't get to experience Brain's character from "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", so I'll leave this tidbit alone. 

    And now here we are with the last of the episodes until the Christmas special - Jeeze can I wait that long??? The good ol' farewell episode that Doctor Who is keen on executing with pristine emotional impact. I was honestly not expecting such a memorable send off for the Ponds in Angels Take Manhattan. However, I was delightfully proven wrong with a tearful goodbye between companion and Doctor. 

   Firstly, as it has always been, they take the time to stress the commitment between Rory and Amy. They are the epitome of loyalty - and that extra non-Doctor related connection is the refreshing fire to the New Doctor Who's franchise that it needed. A break from a companion fawning after the Doctor's affection. Amy and Rory are a story in themselves and the way that their send off went proves it. 

    And it was at this moment that Matt Smith proved himself to be one of the Doctors that I have accepted. After 2 whole seasons, he finally got me - and I am so happy for that. The way he shows the Doctor's devotion to Amy Pond is quite heartbreaking. Here we are reminded of how much it pains the Doctor to say goodbye to his beloved companion. I think he executed this scene with flying colors! 

   There we have it. We're now at the middle of the season and eagerly waiting for the Christmas special! I am so glad to say that my intense interest in Doctor Who has been vigorously renewed. Happy waiting whovians!