Why I didn't need to Know Dumbledore was Gay..

Finally, a post that doesn't have to do with The great Doctor. Oh happy days!

Today, a random question sparked within my thoughts as my coworker and I bantered about Harry Potter. She was telling me about a local Harry Potter themed burlesque show when the association occurred to me:

"Why is everyone on the internet saying Dumbledore is gay?" I asked, curiously. "I never got a hint of that in any of the books."

"Well, because JK revealed it in an interview," she explained.

And that was it. Mystery solved - but I wasn't thrilled with the answer.

Learning his sexual orientation didn't sit well with me. - Not because I care what orientation he is, but because I don't care.

Never before hearing these hearsays on the internet did I even bother to think of Dubledore's gender preference. All this time, he was just a wise old man to me. He was a character - a person - that I didn't need to know about in personal life terms because the storyline didn't touch on it.

It was a completely garring, unneeded detail about a character that didn't do a thing to progress the plot.

Certainly a canon detail - coming from the author herself - but canon that came out of nowhere without plot development to build it up.

I can't take such things! - what is this Moffat behavior?!

- Whoops, my Who is showing again...

What I'm getting at - is that I was perfectly fine (and pretty damn happy) with my perception of Dubledore remaining sexually unannounced.

He was a character that didn't need sexual defining because his plot purpose wasn't driven by such things. We knew him as a teacher, a mentor, and a father figure - in the time span he was portrayed - I needed nothing more.




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