Rose Tyler Halloween Costume!

       Rose Tyler is my favorite companion of the 2005 Doctor Who Series. This week I came upon a scarf in my closet that looked strickenly similar to Rose's scarf in Boom Town. And thus began the magic that was born of creating a Rose Tyler cosplay outfit. 

      Although the party I went to as Rose did not appreciate the glory that is the Doctor Who franchise (It was obvious nobody recognized me) - I had the immense self satisfaction as playing my all time favorite character.  

     -  But a girl still needs her affirmation. So what is a fellow nerd to do? Post a cosplay video up on youtube for the internet! I give to you the shortest skit I've ever done due to the difficulty of filming myself. 



  1. I have a Scarf too! I would be willing to sell if you know anyone who wants one. Mine cost me just $23. I'm not a Rose look girl, I'm more of a Sarah Jane look (dark hair).My favorite companions.
    Anyway, I live in the USA (state of Delaware) and am a Fan of Doctor Who and David Tennant.

  2. Rose is my favorite character too! Which doctor do you like better,9 or 10?