Dear Writers of DW Christmas Special....

THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OSWIN AS OSWIN!!! Now - if you're a bit confused/haven't seen the Chistmas special - turn back now! These are not for your eyes until you sit your butt on that couch and DVR to your hearts desire. Cause you'd have wanted to record this episode to play back those epic instances of realization. 

      Okay, so if you've been a fan of Doctor Who for a while, I think you ought to be familiar with the show's tendencies to reuse actors as different characters. This is usually pretty discrete considering you hardly notice. For example: Karren Gillian played one of the oracles in The Fires of Pompeii. I know right!? What the cheesecake?

        So you can understand my worries when I found out that the Christmas special's new arrival wasn't going by the name Oswin.

       I cringed - I begged - I prayed to the Moffat God for him not to reuse such an astonishing, memorable actress and not be the same character. I mean, how in the world could you ever forget the Girl Who Was Human?

      Guess what? When I sat down and watched the Christmas Special, I was rewarded with a slam of excitement and suspense. Who is Clara!? What allows her to be such an anomaly? Am I gonna be like a kid in a candy store all seventh season?

     I gotta give it to ya, Moffat. I was not a fan of seasons five and six, but this one has really got a kicking start. Whatever you're doing, keep on keeping on!

BTW: My personal Christmas? FAN-TAS-TIC! Thanks to a very thoughtful mamma:



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