My Doctor Has Died

   You know what? Russell T Davies doesn't get enough credit. I absolutely loved watching Doctor Who in the beginning, especially the first two seasons - and yes - I AM a fan of Rose. Because, the Doctor and Rose's relationship made me feel something. In Russell's era, Donna was an awesome companion. Every episode was an uplifting fantasy The Doctor was fun and passionate and wistful. 

   I hear so much crap being thrown at Russell like he's a bad writer. [Chameleon Circuit] I can't believe it. I think he did a wonderful job. So, maybe the romance wasn't your cup of tea, but I think he did such a better job when it came to the Doctor's connection to the ones he cared for - And David Tennant did such a good job at portraying him. 

    I don't know if it's nostalgia, the writing, or the acting (maybe all three) but I just cannot accept the new Doctor. I thought it would go just as 9th did. I made a huge fuss about Eccleston leaving and refused to acknowledged 10, but then I totally fell in love with the skinny man in just a few episodes. 

     With seasons 5 and 6 - I feel nothing. Nothing! If River died or even the Doctor, I don't connect with them at all. When Amy died I was too confused about the whole pandorica plot to even drink it in. It's like there's no focus on emotions or something...

     There's so many factors ruining it for me. The leave of David. 10 is my true Doctor. - the ever growing darkness of 11. I mean come on, the dream episode was super creepy. - and especially the messed up wonky "relationship" between River and the Doctor. - My ever growing contempt for Moffat... *sigh* listen, I really like his action writing (and I thought the Van Gogh episode was beautiful)  but the romance just makes me want to smash my skull into the wall. - Shit hit the fan with the library episode. [insert typical Rose/Doctor shipping comment here]

      The Doctor just seems so much less warm then 9 and 10. He still hasn't grown on me. I love Rory and Amy, but I think my viewing of Doctor Who has ended, and I am saddened. This must be how old fans felt if they didn't like the new version in the first place. It actually feels pretty disheartening. Just goes to show how entertainment can really affect people.. I guess that's all you can expect when the show has an ever changing main character... 

  oh my precious 10 ;__;

     If you didn't catch my last link post, I found an article that explains the whole dynamic perfectly:

    I can't bring myself to watch anything new. 

     Bye bye Doctor Who. I loved you for what you were with Russell. I guess I'll just stay locked in that time bubble *sigh*