The Anime Formula

So, a few months ago I got a Netflix account and if you didn't know, Netflix has a collection of Anime shows.

Being somewhat of an Anime fan after seeing a few good shows, I thought, 'Hey why not try out some new ones?'

And after watching a few, I came to a conclusion that there seems to be a general pattern going on here. - And bear with me if I don't mention top animes, I'm not gonna sit on my ass all day sifting through them.

So I present to you, the general formula of anime:

A Talking Cat - 

        They are literally everywhere. Japan, why you like cats so much? 

Sailor Moon – talking cats

Fairy Tail – talking cat - flying...thing

 Bleach – talking cat/spirit

Darker than Black – talking frikkin cat!

Hey what's that anime with the talking cat?”- EVERY ANIME

Abnormally Large Boobs -

what the hell?

You can't have a plot starved anime without unhealthily large boobs and boob shots to accompany them. Sometimes it just gets incredibly out of hand. The story is flowing and all of a sudden BOOM – in your face.

They say anime is a lazy animation style, but they sure as hell put a load of frames in those jiggle shots.


High School of The Dead, awesome action packed anime – however more boob and ass shots than a Transformers movie.

Actually, this show would be perfect for a drinking game. Drink every time you see a profane camera shot... I'll get back to you on that.

Ridiculous Hair Styles and Colors - 

Dramatic Shots in the Opening Title -

Go ahead, check out any opening title to an anime, I bet you'll see at least one of these three things:
  • Hair blowing in the wind as the character stares off longingly into the distance.
  • OR character turning to face the camera dramatically
  • Characters gallantly running along the horizon
  • And according to “Every Anime Opening Ever Made” - BIDRS

So there you have it, the must have factors of a genral anime. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye Bye!