Great Comedic Channels of Youtube


 Every Yotube surfer wants a channel they can get hours of comedic material from. That's hard to find nonetheless produce, but there's  some great talent who can manage.  

[If you're thinking RWJ is gonna be on this list, GET OUTYour kind is not welcome here....]

Hey Ashley Watcha Playin' [HAWP]

Video game enthusiasts, Ashley and Anthony Burch give you tons of hilarious shorts featuring their take on whatever game they've played. From Nintendo to Xbox, new and old, anything goes. My personal favorites are Nintendoland and Smash Brothers. 


Jack has so much good variety on his channel, it's hard to choose any favorites. Some of his longer standing series include: WTF Blanket/infomercials, Channel Parodies, Your Grammar Sucks, and Wimpy Boy Band. 
I don't think I've ever been disappointed by a Jacksfilms video. 


Sourcefed is the future of news delivery - at least, I hope it is. The crew of sourcefed, main hosts - Lee Newton, Joe Bereta, and Elliot Morgan act out fantastically comical, non bias, fun news delivery. Other talented members include Steve Zaragoza and Trisha Hershberger. The PhillyD picked team is sure to have you discussing world topic like a classy individual in no time. 


I think this goes without saying - Jenna is quite possibly the funniest chick on youtube. If you haven't somehow come across her videos, you get on there now and grab some snacks, cause there's a lot of material to catch up on.

The Fine Bros - Kids/Teens React

I'm not subscribed to this show, but I felt it needed the honors, considering the Fine Bros are highly regarded in the youtube community for this series. They present viral material to kids and teens and get their take on it. Great production value and editing - and you can catch up on viral material too!